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Grembiule PORTOS 52M08266 Grembiule PORTOS 52M08266 Grembiule PORTOS 52M08266 Grembiule PORTOS 52M08266 Grembiule PORTOS 52M08266 Grembiule PORTOS 52M08266 52M08266-60x60-n.webp F08266-60x60-n.webp F08266_C_07-60x60-n.webp F08266_C_41-60x60-n.webp F08266_C_51-60x60-n.webp F08266_C_52-60x60-n.webp

Grembiule PORTOS 52M08266

52M08266 Milano

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Grembiule grande con due tasche laterali, tasca lato cuore e regolazione del collare mediante bottone.
Material: Poliestere 150 gr/m2
Product size: 85 x 90cm.
Weight: gr. 0,18
Available Colours: Black, Bordeaux, Pinstripe Black, Pinstripe Bordeaux.

Customizations suggested: - Screen print (Max 6 col.) - (Max 10x20 cm.)
- - Transfer Screen print (Max 4 col.) - (Max 10x20 cm.)
- - Transfer Digital Fullcolor - (Max 10x20 cm.)
- - Embroidery - (Max 8x3 cm.)
- - DTF Fullcolor - (Max 10x8 cm.)
Printing Size: 10 x 8 cm.

Minimum order: 4 pcs.
Step 1 pcs.
Kitchen Apron
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Kitchen Apron

Kitchen Apron

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Technical Specification

General Characteristics
0.18 gr
85 x 90 cm
Poliestere 150 gr/m2
Screen print[SSCO] Transfer Screen print[TRS] Transfer Digital[TRD] Embroidery[RI] DTF[DTF]
8 cm
10 cm
0.19 kg
10 pcs
100 pcs
19 Kg.
More Info
Black, Bordeaux, Pinstripe Black, Pinstripe Bordeaux

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