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360-Degree Digital Printing

General Information

360-degree digital printing is performed by placing the product under a special UV color digital printer designed for cylindrical items. The image is created by shooting many ink dots onto the printable surface, which, when combined, create a color or image. Circular digital printing is used to customize uniform surfaces, as the distance between the print head and the object must remain fixed. The printer can customize in CMYK color mode as well as in white.

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Customization and Production Times

Customization offers exceptional photographic quality, allowing the creation of prints of fairly large dimensions with impeccable fidelity. It is worth noting that the base of the product must be cylindrical and regular for the ink to be applied. It is a direct printing where the ink is directly sprayed onto the gadget. It is a faster technique than others. Therefore, 360-degree digital printing offers great flexibility in printing and customization processes, accompanied by fast production times.

Colors and Materials

Circular digital printing can be applied to various materials including plastic, metal, wood, paper, glass, and polyurethane. 360-degree digital printing is inkjet and full-color, so all desired shades can be reproduced without problems.

Maximum Number of Possible Colors

There is no limit to the number of printable colors as it is digital printing. Vibrant gradients, shades, rich details, and extraordinary color fidelity can be achieved.

Facilities and Support Materials

360-degree digital printing is a solution that minimizes material and ink waste. It allows personalized production and printing without particularly large initial investments for the creation of plates or matrices. It is therefore a faster and more economical technique if kept on small runs.

Customization Cost

The cost of customization can vary greatly depending on the quantity of products to be printed, the size of the logo, and the materials used. However, circular digital printing may be more cost-effective for smaller orders compared to some traditional printing methods. It is a technique that does not need to bear all the costs for the installation, as it is managed entirely digitally.

Products Suitable for Circular Digital Printing

360-degree digital printing is primarily used on a wide range of cylindrical products such as pens, water bottles, candles, carafes, glasses, and mugs.


As for 360-degree digital printing, it is not applicable to all products. All gadgets must be regular and cylindrical because the print head must act with a regular distance from the product. It is recommended for customizing a few products and not on a large scale because it would be more expensive.