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Digital Printing on Paper Insert

General Information

Digital printing on paper insert utilizes inkjet technology to project tiny droplets of ink directly onto the surface of the product to be printed. This technique is achieved through the use of a sophisticated UV color digital printer. The image is created by emitting numerous dots on the printing surface. Once combined, these dots transform into the logo or image to be reproduced. High-quality reproductions are obtained in full-color.

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Customization and Production Times

Digital printing on paper insert is distinguished by its exceptional photographic quality. It allows for the creation of completely customized designs and a wide range of color possibilities. This method is significantly faster than others because it involves digital printing on a paper insert. The latest digital printers guarantee extraordinary precision in rendering. They produce high-quality images characterized by vivid colors and sharp details.

Colors and Materials

Digital printing on paper insert stands out for its exceptional flexibility in managing colors. Thanks to the use of water-based or solvent-based inks, as well as specialized toners and pigments, this technology offers a wide range of color options. It manages to guarantee high-quality results. However, it should be noted that this printing method is limited to paper materials, being specifically designed for such supports.

Maximum Number of Possible Colors

There is no established maximum limit for the number of printable colors, as it is a full-color digital printing. All shades, including gradients, can be reproduced without problems.

Facilities and Support Materials

Digital printing on paper insert utilizes modern technologies such as inkjet printing, toner printing, and UV inkjet printing to generate images of excellent quality. In fact, it does not need any special facilities or support materials because it is a digital printing that occurs on paper.

Customization Cost

In general, digital printing on paper insert tends to be quite economical. It is suitable for both large and small print quantities.

Products Suitable for Digital Printing on Paper Insert

Digital printing on paper insert is limited to the exclusive use of paper as a printing material. This makes customization limited to only certain products. It is a technique suitable for customizing: keychains with a dedicated space for paper insert, badge holders that allow customization of the inner sheet, paper sleeves, and time discs.


Digital printing on paper insert often has lower durability compared to other types of printing. This is because paper and cardboard are bases that deteriorate more easily than other materials. It is limited solely to printing on paper insert.