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Digital Printing

General Information

Digital printing is performed using a color UV digital printer. It is an advanced process that allows for producing high-quality color images on various substrates. First, the image file to be printed is digitally prepared and then sent to the printing machine. To transfer the logo onto the product, this technique uses inkjet printing. The image is generated by emitting numerous ink dots on the surface designated for customization. Once combined, they give rise to the formation of colors and visual representations. This method is mainly applied to flat and uniform products because the distance between the print head and the object must remain constant. It is a direct print that allows for the creation of gradients.

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Customization and Production Times

Digital printing ensures high-quality graphic reproduction with very accurate details. Regardless of the printing area allowed on the object, full-color digital printing allows for creating large customizations without losing details. This technique can only be applied to items with a flat and regular surface. Production times are quite short compared to other more conventional printing methodologies. It is a very precise print for both small details and colors.

Colors and Materials

This type of printing guarantees the use of a wide range of colors without any restriction, even reproducing gradients. Digital printing technology lends itself to application on various materials including: Plastic, Metal, Wood, Paper, Polyurethane (PU), and Glass.

Maximum Number of Possible Colors

There is no maximum limit to the number of colors that can be used, as one of the great advantages of digital printing is the ability to faithfully reproduce any type of design. All possible colors can be reproduced by adding gradients.

Equipment and Support Materials

A distinctive feature of digital printing lies in its production speed and efficiency. Without the need to create plates or use other preparatory equipment, the digital printing process can be started almost instantly. All of this contributes to reducing production times. This speed plays a crucial role for companies that need to meet tight deadlines or adapt to last-minute requests.

Cost for Digital Printing Production

There are no equipment costs for digital prints, which is why this type of printing is more suitable for small print runs. Digital printing is therefore cheaper than other types of printing when applied to a small number of items.

Products Suitable for Digital Printing

This type of customization is predominantly used on regular items such as: pens, notebooks, technological devices, labels, and pins.


Digital printing may not always be the ideal choice for large-scale production, as production costs would increase compared to other more classical techniques. Additionally, digital printing is applicable only to flat products with regular surfaces.