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Digital Stickers

General Information

Digital stickers are produced through full-color digital printing and subsequently applied onto products. This technique is used on materials that would have difficulty being customized through other prints. It allows for printing stickers with a variety of designs, colors, and sizes without the need for expensive processes. This technique combines digital innovation with printing precision to create high-quality stickers. Once the inkjet printing phase on the sticker is completed, it is cut and applied onto the product. Digital stickers are capable of reproducing images with complex details and colors of any type without limits.

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Customization and Production Times

Thanks to the high resolution and precision of modern printers, it is possible to reproduce meticulous details. Digital stickers ensure maximum color rendering and sharp texts even on small areas. The fact that the sticker is printed first on a flat surface and then cut and applied to the product allows for maximum image rendering. The digital printing process itself is quite fast, while the sticker cutting and subsequent application on the product require more attention and time.

Colors and Materials

Digital printing of stickers offers the possibility of reproducing all color shades without problems. It offers the possibility of reproducing gradients and small and complex details. Thanks to advanced full-color inkjet technology, gradual shades, smooth transitions, and contrasts can be achieved. Digital stickers are applied to a wide range of materials, each with unique characteristics. They can be printed on leather, paper and cardboard, fabrics, plastic, metals, felt, and even transparent materials.

Maximum Number of Possible Colors

There is no actual maximum number of colors that can be printed. All desired colors can be reproduced thanks to inkjet technology.

Equipment and Support Materials

Digital stickers are created using high-resolution digital printers, so no support materials or printing equipment are needed. It is certainly a much more flexible technique than others and can be applied to almost all materials.

Cost of Digital Stickers

The cost for the production of digital stickers may vary depending on various factors. Among the most important are the quantity of stickers to be printed, the dimensions, the material, and the complexity of the design to be reproduced. In general, digital stickers are cost-effective for both large and small print runs precisely because of the absence of printing equipment costs.

Products Suitable for Digital Stickers

Digital stickers are suitable for application on various types of surfaces. The only material that may pose problems is silicone, as it is not recommended for this type of printing.


The use of stickers extends to all small gadgets. This technique is preferred for situations where other printing methods would be impractical.