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Incisione Laser (Dato Variabile)

General Information

Laser engraving (Variable Data) is a process that allows for the application of an image, name, or unique number on each product. This technology utilizes a computer-controlled laser beam to directly engrave the design onto the product material, ensuring remarkable precision and high-quality results. Laser engraving (Variable Data) offers a unique opportunity to personalize products accurately and elegantly, creating distinctive and unique items suitable for various purposes. It is one of the most durable printing methods, but careful selection of the material is crucial for achieving good results.

Customization and Production Times

Laser engraving (Variable Data) printing requires careful attention to avoid duplications or errors during production, as each product will have a unique customization. Production times may be slightly longer than conventional standards, but it's worth the wait for the ability to create unique products.

Colors and Materials

Laser engraving (Variable Data) does not support full-color designs as the chromatic effect depends on the material itself. However, its versatility is remarkable, allowing application on a wide range of materials, including metal, wood, leather, plastic, glass, and crystal. Each material adds a unique and refined look to the final product.

Maximum Number of Possible Colors

It's important to note that laser engraving (Variable Data) does not color the material but engraves it. Therefore, the effect depends solely on the material's reaction to the laser beam. However, this characteristic enhances the elegance, utilizing the visual effect obtained with the material's intrinsic properties. Careful material selection is crucial as it can alter the visual effect of the engraving.

Equipment and Support Materials

One of the main advantages of laser engraving (Variable Data) is the absence of specific equipment for its creation. All the necessary equipment for the process is integrated into the sophisticated laser control system, making the entire process more efficient and cost-effective without requiring additional investments for the client.

Cost of Engraving and Customization

The cost of engraving depends on various factors, including design complexity, material to be engraved, and production timing. Laser engraving is generally more expensive than other traditional printing techniques. However, the uniqueness and elegance of personalized products justify this cost.

Products Suitable for Laser Engraving (Variable Data)

Laser engraving is suitable for personalizing a wide range of materials, including metal, wood, leather, plastic, glass, and crystal. This technique adds a touch of class and originality to products destined for various occasions, such as special gifts, promotional items, or personal objects. It is advisable to avoid using dark-colored plastic, as it may compromise the final engraving result.


Before opting for laser engraving (Variable Data), it is essential to carefully consider the product material and its surface. Some materials may react differently to the engraving process, so preliminary tests are advisable. With the right attention and careful material selection, you can achieve a high-quality final product with impeccable aesthetic appeal.