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Sandblasting Technique

General Information

Sandblasting was originally conceived for metal cleaning and achieving a smooth, uniform surface on various materials. Today, it involves a process where a powerful jet of sand and high-pressure air is applied to the object's surface. This procedure acts as an abrasive, almost like laser engraving, resulting in a raised, three-dimensional logo. The process begins with creating a model of the desired logo, which is then transferred onto a stencil. This stencil is applied to the mug, protecting the parts that should not be etched with a protective film. The gadget is then placed inside a specially equipped cabin, where a high-pressure air gun sprays the sand jet with millimetric precision. At this point, the product can be further enhanced through painting or enameling to give it an even more appealing look.

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Customization and Production Times

Sandblasting printing gives a three-dimensional aspect to customization, as the image is carved into the object. It's a technique that provides a very durable result that is unlikely to wear over time. Production times are competitive compared to conventional printing techniques.

Colors and Materials

Sandblasting is a colorless printing method, meaning the logo will adapt to the material's shade. Subsequently, the mug can undergo a painting or enameling process to give it a further enhanced look. The print remains colorless because this process is abrasive, carving instead of coloring. Sandblasting is primarily applied to materials such as ceramic and glass.

Maximum Number of Possible Colors

There is no range of colors applicable to sandblasting, as this process is similar to laser engraving. This technique carves and etches the material but does not color it. Customization will have the shade and hue of the object itself.

Equipment and Support Materials

Sandblasting is a surface treatment that employs abrasion using abrasive particles projected at high speed onto a surface. High-quality sandblasting cabins are essential, enclosed spaces specially designed to conduct the process safely and to ensure operators' protection from dust exposure. Air compressors play an essential role by providing the compressed air necessary to power the sandblasting gun.

Cost of the Sandblasting Procedure

The costs of sandblasting can vary significantly based on factors such as the size of the design to be sandblasted and the type of material on which the sandblasting will be performed. Some materials are easier to work with than others. Additional processing may be required after the end of the process, such as painting and applying a protective layer.

Products Suitable for Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a printing technique limited only to certain materials such as marble, ceramic, and glass, so the opportunities for application are quite limited. It is mainly used for decorating ceramic mugs.


Sandblasting provides a three-dimensional effect to customization. It can only be used on a very limited selection of materials, so the opportunities for sandblasting application are reduced.