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Customized Umbrellas

This category features a wide selection of personalized umbrella divided into different categories to meet all your needs. Different printing techniques are applicable for umbrellas to be personalized on different parts of the product. On a segment or several segments, on the handle or on its packaging. In wood, aluminum, curved or straight handles, windproof and with many other features. Prices are online and you can calculate your own quote.

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Umbrellas to personalize for your company

Are you looking for a customizable gadget that is original and at the same time makes your company's logo clearly visible? Stop because you've come to the right place. This category features a wide selection of custom umbrellas suitable for your marketing needs. Convey your advertising message to a multitude of people through these particular products. Open or closed, carry in your bag or in your hand it matters little. Thanks to our advanced printing techniques, you can reproduce your logo seamlessly over the particular umbrellas and maintain a high-quality image.

Customized umbrellas at competitive prices

Customizing umbrellas has always been a hallmark of elegance and prestige for the company. That's why in our selection of particular umbrellas we give you the opportunity to choose from the best models on the market at competitive prices. Browse through our catalog and choose the logo umbrella that best suits your needs and create the corporate gift as may for your employees. You'll find models with different shapes, features, colors and designs. From models that are larger and protective to those that are smaller and convenient to carry. From straight-handled models to those with curved handles, you'll be spoiled for choice.

Customize umbrellas on bsigadget

Attentive to the quality of the materials from which our logo umbrellas are made and to the latest trends, we offer only durable and strong products. All at absolutely competitive prices. You can calculate your quote completely independently since the costs are all visible online. If you need larger quantities on our e-commerce it is possible to make retail purchases for large companies.