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Vision Film Printing

General Information

Vision Film printing is a unique digital printing technique that allows for the creation of customizations on eyeglass lenses. Initially, an adhesive is created and printed using full-color digital printing. This adhesive serves as the base for lens customization. The adhesive is then cut and perforated across its entire surface. Finally, the adhesive is lifted and applied to the eyeglass lenses, creating a distinctive and appealing effect. This creates a personalized lens with the desired pattern, and the perforated part of the adhesive allows for visibility through the customization.

Personalization and Production Times

Personalizing eyeglass lenses through Vision Film is very vivid and realistic. By using digital printing to create the adhesive, you have the ability to reproduce all colors seamlessly as well as small and intricate details. There are really no limits to this type of printing. However, it should be noted that some parts of the print will be cut and perforated. These are very small dimensions but at the same time they can remove part of the original design. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid creating designs that are too small or too complex. It easily adapts to lenses of different shapes, materials, and sizes.

Colors and Materials

Color representation is not a problem. All color shades can be represented without any issues. Vision Film printing is done through CMYK full-color printing. Eyeglass lenses can be made from two different materials. Therefore, this type of printing can be applied to plastic material (organic glass) and glass (mineral glass).

Maximum Number of Possible Colors

There is no limit to the number of color gradations that can be applied because it is digital printing, so it is full color. The print is very durable, as it is protected by a transparent sheet that prevents scratches and wear.

Equipment and Support Materials

The support material refers to the adhesive on which the printing must be done, which will then be applied to the eyeglass lenses. There is a basic cost for activating the printing equipment.

Customization Cost

Vision Film printing is a type of printing with costs that are quite average. It should be noted that it is always applied to two lenses, so the costs apply to two prints and customizations including both lenses.

Products Suitable for Vision Film

Vision Film is one of the few prints that can be applied to only one product. In this case, customizations can only be created on sunglass lenses.


Vision Film is a print that can only be applied to eyeglass lenses.